Music City Salsa presents the 5th Annual

Nashville's Top Performers

Nashville's Top Performers 2015 is a local dance contest supported by Nashville's best Latin & Rhythm dance instructors, community leaders and venues.  Special thanks to all the choreographers, instructors, contestants, venues and leaders who make this possible!

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Nashville's Top Performers 2014 Jenny Hall & Raymond Gomez


Schedule of Competition & Wednesday Classes

March 18th

Latin Hip Hop w. Alejandro Rivera

March 25th

Cha Cha Shines w. Gwendolyn Clinton

April 1st

Hustle w. Patricia Lefler

April 8th

Casino Rueda Salsa w. Kendra & David Lucas

April 15th

Salsa w. Michael Alexander & Natalie Moros

April 22nd

FINALS Bachata w. Martin & Raven Barrientos

April 29th



Congratulations to Grand Prize Winners

Dee Davis & Rob Miles

Come dance every Wednesday 7:00p at Play Dance Bar

See you next year!

Nashville's Top Performers 2013 Angie Reed & Charles Mitchell

Button003.gif 2015 Constestants

Taylor Rose

Saqib Hasan

James Moore

Adela Grecu

Bethany Linton

Leaw Izanala

Tony Johnson

Amanda Steinmann

Chelsey Schaffeld

Fernando Luv

Thomas Umboh

Autumn Moore

Jessica Rivera

Oscar Cabral

Rob Miles

Casondra Lyons

Mimi Mariposa

Jonte Haggins

Hugh Win

MaLu Dabu

Julie Ann Mirse

Marc Blanco

Brian Jones

Jil Chaney

Yaminah Mitchell

Rick Spencer

Fred Gott

Dee Davis

Hattie Johnson

Ricky De La Cruz

DJ Kaswa

Aimee Donahue

Cynthia Cardenas

Roberto Galvan

Big K Waller

Delfina Pickett

Carrie Garner

KC Carlton

Doug White

James Boulie

Finals Choreography 2015!!  Martin & Raven Barrientos!

Nashville's Top Performers 2012 Tricia Williams & Watson P.


Nashville's Top Performers is 6 weeks of 6 different dances taught by 6 different instructors.

Each Thursday, contestants learn a 1-minute choreography taught by Nashville's TOP instructors!  The following Wednesday, the contestants perform and compete at Play Dance Bar at 8:30 pm. Six judges are randomly chosen to score the contestants both individually and as teams.  Contestants receive points for artistic and technical expression, and for sharing their success on Facebook.

Contestants are randomly and selectively assigned a different partner each week.   

Thursday practices are held at the Global Education Center at Casa Azafran on Nolensville Road from 8:15p to 9:45p.

Optional Saturday practices are at Tonya's house from 1:00p to 3:00p.

Weekly costs are $15 for a total of $90 over 6 weeks.

50% Individual, 40% Couple/Team, 10% Facebook Views, Likes & Comments


Contest Rules  Scores & Videos See Last Year!

Finals Choreography from 2014!!  Kendra & David Lucas!


Nashville's Top Performers 2011 Jillian Conley & Benji Ingram


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