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BRAND NEW FORMAT!  We're taking this contest on the road!

Look where we are going!  This is total dance immersion!




Nashville's Top Performers is 6 weeks of 6 genres of dance, and at least 6 partners.  

Our mission is to help new and old dancers learn new dances, make friends, and feel welcome in our great dance community.

For 2019, we are venturing to perform/compete where these dances are danced socially!

This will be total immersion in each dance for a week.  WOW!  

This is by-far the best dance opportunity in town!!

Are you ready to learn to dance?  Here are the basics:

1. Sundays 4:00p to 6:00p

GEC Studio A (Side Door), 4822 Charlotte Pike


Contestants learn a 1 (one) minute total choreography of a dance.  

This time may vary based on the intro and outro.


***Our first practice is Sunday, September 8th.***

2. Tuesdays 7:00p to 9:00p

GEC Casa Azafran 2195 Nolensville Pk



Optional guided practice, especially good for make-ups.

After Tuesday practice, contestants are randomly and selectively assigned a partner or partners.  Partners are assigned by Wednesday afternoon and announced via text message.

3. Practice on your own.



Once you are are partnered up, you will need to practice at least once together and on your own before the judges grade you and provide feedback. Sometimes, folks get together in groups at someone's house or clubhouse. There is also open space at Play on Wednesdays before 7:30p and Plaza Mariachi on Thursdays before 8p.  Those are free events with awesome organizers.  

4. Competition/Performances are at various times, depending on the week.

The competition times currently are:

Hip Hop- Tuesday, Sept. 17th at 7:00p at Topgolf  

Cha Cha- Saturday, Sept. 28th at 7:00p at Nova

Salsa- Friday, Oct. 4th at 8:45p at Topgolf

Tango- Friday, Oct. 11th at tbd at Casa Azafran

Swing- Friday, Oct. 18th at tbd at GEC Charlotte

Zoukchata- Saturday, Oct. 26th at 9pm at GEC

Awards Night, Tuesday, Oct. 29th at Topgolf


Contestants perform and are evaluated by 12 judges, both individually and as teams. Contestants receive points for artistic and technical expression, and for sharing their success on Facebook.  

Contestants are able to miss one week without affecting the overall score, because we drop the lowest score when calculating the final score.

5. Monday or Wednesday via email



Contestants receive feedback from the judges usually by Wednesday.

The goal is to become your best dancer, fortify your strengths, and learn today's most popular dance moves and protocols.


6. Weekly costs are $25 for a total of $150 over 6 weeks.



+12 hours of dance instruction from Nashville's best teachers

+12 hours of optional guided practice

+36 judges' feedback sheets to guide you in your dance journey

+6 weekly dance practice partners

+1 adventures of a lifetime and awesome dance knowledge!!



Nashville's Top Performers 2018

Stephanie Dudzinski

Nashville's Top Performers 2018

Shantibhushan Shinde


Nashville's Top Performers 2017

Suzie Pfeil & Spanky Fernando

Nashville's Top Performers 2016

Kathryn Briggs & Chuck Beamon


Nashville's Top Performers 2015

Dee Davis

Nashville's Top Performers 2015

Rob Miles


Nashville's Top Performers 2014

Jenny Hall & Raymond Gomez


Nashville's Top Performers 2013

Angie Reed & Charles Mitchell


Nashville's Top Performers 2012

Tricia Williams & Watson P.


Nashville's Top Performers 2011

Jillian Conley & Benji Ingram



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