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NEW!  2019 theme is The Amazing NTP!  Total Dance Immersion!

This is by-far the best dance opportunity in town!!

Are you ready to learn to dance?


The main purposes of the Nashville's Top Performers dance contest are to promote growth and comradery in the dance community.

Suggestions to make your experience OPTIMAL!!

This is your experience, your adventure, your opportunity to be part of something & bigger, something fun, and something you will remember for the rest of your life!   

Button_man001.gifOverall, Tonya is here for you!  Thank you for giving Tonya this opportunity to share in your journey! 

Thank you for being a pioneer Button_man002.gifin our dance community!  


1. You are encouraged to dress up, role-play, show-off, act,etc. in your performances.   Button_more.gifThe best technical performance is not always the one that gets the highest score. 

2. Button003.gifYou are highly encouraged to attend the Thursday session.  Since most folks need time to “sleep on it,” that extra day gives them a leg up. 
3. Button_new004.gifThe next six weeks will challenge you!  You are invited and supported!  More than 120 people are waiting for you to join this dance family!  Bullets014.gifSo, push yourself out of your comfort zone! Bullets014_1.gif  You will get tired, both physically and mentally.  But then again, that is when you grow! 


At the end, you will forever be a different, better dancer!  So, go for it!  It will be over before you know it!

NTP Contest Rules 2019

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