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Welcome to Music City Salsa!

Nashville's premier Latin-dance performance group!

 Vanderbilt Latin Jazz Orchestra 9Oct09  

We are a Nashville, TN-based, performance and competition, Latin-dance team specializing in salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha, and the famous Cuban-style circle dance, Rueda de Casino, which was featured in Vanessa William’s 1998 hit movie "Dance With Me.” Our mission is to help build Nashville into a premier salsa-dancing U.S. hot spot and to share our passion for these beautiful, sexy dances with the world.

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What We Do!

Music City Salsa was formed in 2004 under a different name and has had international members from as many as 15 different countries. Music City Salsa performs and teaches throughout Tennessee and has performed at various events including: Dancing with the Starz, Nashville Cares AIDS Walk, Spanish TV, and many more! Last year, the dance team competed in their first international competition in the World Amatuer Salsa Rueda Championship  of the Americas in Miami, Florida, and in 2009, plans to take home the trophy!

Upcoming Events!

Nashville Dancing with the Stars

28 AUG 09

Fame Rueda in Junior Festival 1AUG09

MTSU Salsa has invited Music City Salsa to perform in their Sabores del Mundo: A Latin Dance Showcase to be held at Wright Music Hall at MTSU in Murfreesboro on Nov. 17th.  It's $7 at the door.  For more info, contact Dara Smith at drs2c@mtsu.edu.

For the second year, Linda Riyad has invited MCS to perform in their Global Movement belly-dancing benefit at Limelight on Nov. 9th at 7pm.  Tickets are $20 at the door.  For more info, contact Linda at linda@lindabellydance.com  

Gaston Vidarte's Salsa Blaze      March 2009

Contact Us!

Music City Salsa is under the direction of Chris Martin. For more information about Music City Salsa, please email Chris at MusicCitySalsa@gmail.com

Music City Salsa Video Mix '05 to '06


Music City Salsa is always looking for enthusiastic dancers to join the team! Dancers must have a comfortable salsa groove and several basic moves:




cross-body lead


basic on 1



double turn L/R

double turn


1-minute shine

1 dip

Coca Cola


1 trick



If you believe you have what it takes to be a Music City Salsa dancer, please contact Chris Martin at MusicCitySalsa@gmail.com

Global Education Center's  2008 Latino Fire

New Year's Eve  El Arroyo 2006

About Our Salsa

Salsa is Music City Salsa's forte! We incorporate all our favorite styles from Cuba to New York. Our focus is on "WOW"-ing the crowd, while incorporating fundamental and modern techniques. Our dancers come from various backgrounds and we do our best to learn from each other and synergize!

Here are some popular links to learn about salsa and Latin-dancing:

Ravenwood High School Feb 2009

Our Dancers

Our current dancers are:

Chris Martin - Our fearless leader! He has four years as one of the team and three years as the backbone of our group.  Chris choreographs pairs and rueda dancing.  He is demanding and uplifting, because when he is happy, we know it is amazing!

Tonya Miller  - Our ladies' styling and creative fountain.  Tonya pushes us with her 23 years of well-rounded dance background.  She also performs, choreographs and teaches tango.  Tonya has a tremendous calling ability that enables the ladies to perform easily and comfortably from the very first step.

Rotonya Troup - With four years in the group, Rotonya is our most flexible dancer as she can lead and follow.  Not only that, she can teach both!  Rotonya is a tremendous help with our injuries as she is a reconstructive tissue therapist and can push out any ache with her healing hands! Rotonya is also our treasurer and financial confidant.

Rawsam Alasmar - With just two years in the group, Rawsam has become an integral member.  He has a natural ability to lead and can aptly follow.  Rawsam has mastered even the most difficult dance manuever with ease.  Rawsam also helps with administering our schedules, which is crucial to keeping us on time!

Belma Ismailovich - Belma is the best Bosnian salsa dancer anyone has ever seen!  Belma has been with us for only two years, and in that short time,  has developed into a captivating crowd-pleaser!  Belma has charming style and is another person to call to schedule an event.

Ginny Primeaux - Ginny is our newest member!  She passed our audition with flying colors and has the most dance credentials.  Ginny has been dancing for 18 years. Her repetoire includes classical ballet, point, jazz, modern, hip hop, salsa and tango. Ginny has a BFA in Performing Arts with a concentration of Dance and has been teaching for 9 years. Wow!  Now, that's impressive!

James Moore - is also a new member!  James' amazing ability stems from having only ONE year of salsa dancing and what an awesome dancer he is!  James has an uncanny sense of remembering moves to a "T"and brings relentless enthusiasm and a logical, witty approach, which keeps our choreographers in check!



2009 Events

Spanish TV with Sheyla Hicks  2007  

Our First Performance under Chris! Tango By Moonlight Sept. 2007

Tonya Miller and Ginny Primeaux

Chris Martin, Tonya Miller, Rawsam Alasmar

Tonya Miller, Chris Martin, Rotonya Troup

Music City Salsa performed and taught salsa classes at MTSU's Lambda Fiesta on Oct. 13th.  For more info, contact Dara Smith at drs2c@mtsu.edu.  

MTSU Lambda Fiesta 13 Oct 09 James' First Perf!



October 2nd, 2009

Conexion Americas invited MCS to perform and teach a salsa lesson at their Hispanic Heritage Celebration in the Historic Cannery Ballroom.  

 Conexion Americas Heritage Ball 2Oct09  Check out Rotonya leading!


Music City Salsa performed in Jonathan Cam Cam's Festival of the Nations at the State Fairgrounds on September 12th.  For more information, visit the website at:  www.festivalofthenations.net

Festival of the Nations, State Fairgrounds 12Sep09



Friday, Oct. 9, 2009, MCS performed on stage with Vanderbilt's Latin Jazz Orchestra led by Jim Williamson.  This was one of our best rueda perf's!

 Vanderbilt Latin Jazz Orchestra  9Oct09 Rotonya's First Pair Perf.



Thurs., October 1st, 2009

Music City Salsa performed along with Danny Salazar at the Tennessee Respite Coalition's Chips & Salsa fund-raising event.  Please feel free to contact them at:


TRC Chips & Salsa Fundraiser  Ashley-n-Alex are  Back!


Under the direction of Tim Larson, Circle Players of Nashville invited Music City Salsa to choreograph and perform in their 60th anniversry production: Fame-the Musical.  We did 4 weekends of shows and incorporated cha cha cha, salsa and Casino Rueda.  We made a lot of great friends and certainly got comfortable doing lifts and tricks.  Thanks to Circle Players for a wonderful experience!

Fame There She Goes Cha Cha Salsa

1 AUG 09


For the second year, Music City Salsa performed at the Nashville's Dancing with the Stars for Women in Recovery.  It was an outstanding performance and amazing crowd!  We shared our favorite scenes of Circle Players' Fame-Musical!  You can see the video at the top of this page.

Nashville's Dancing with the Stars for Women in Recovery 28Aug09

Circle Players' Fame- The Musical


Thurs., October 1st, 2009

Music City Salsa performed at Austin Peay State University's Sigma Delta Pi  Dance Expo from in the UC Plaza.  We also taught basics in cha cha cha, salsa, merengue and bachata.  For more info, contact Amanda Maynard at pinuapsu1919@gmail.com

Chris Martin leading cha cha cha group at MTSU 13 Oct 09


November 3th - 8th, 2008, Music City Salsa  traveled to Miami, Florida  to compete for the 1st  time in the famous international competition, World Amatuer Salsa Rueda Championship of the Americas, put on by Henry Herrera. For more information about this year, check it out here!


Salsa Rueda Congress Miami 2008